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District Facilities and Finance Committee Meets
The district’s facilities and finance committee met prior to the district’s regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, September 11th. The committee is made up of district and school administrators, department heads, select community members, and Board representatives. The following is a recap of the meeting:

Finance Update

Current Financial Outlook (Gummere): Current district finances are tracking as forecast. Expenses continue to trend towards passing revenues this fiscal year. The district is likely to be on the ballot in November of 2019 for the renewal (no new taxes) of the district’s income tax. The income tax was passed in 2005 and was the last new money operating levy passed in the district.

Grant writer (Kramer): The district plans to explore the possibility of using a grant writer to assist with bringing in new revenues. The grant writer would be charged with identifying grants and completing applications to support current programs. This would be of no cost to the district as compensation for the grant writer would be taken from any grants received.

Facilities Update

Update on District Capital Investment/Maintenance/Athletic Projects (Helmecamp)
Elementary Drainage Issues Project Discussion (Kramer/Helmecamp): The elementary school is experiencing an issue with water infiltration particularly in the north side of the building due to poor drainage and varying foundation issues. The district is due to receive $133,000 from insurance to replace the wood gym floor and has devised a plan of action to address the problem. The committee assisted in vetting the district’s plan.
LMS Fields Project Discussion (Kramer/Helmecamp): The district has received estimates for construction of a baseball, softball, and a practice football/soccer field for the LMS campus. The district will prepare and advertise for bids. Based on the bids received, the district will determine whether or not it is feasible to move forward with construction of any part of the project. The construction of playing fields at LMS will alleviate the need to maintain the Von Kanel complex.
District Site Planning Project Discussion (Kramer): The district will seek to develop a site plan during the 2018-2019 school year for the LES/LHS campus. The concept of the site plan is to plan for future developments of the campus. These developments could be enacted as a whole or part depending on funding and need.

The next meeting of the facilities and finance committee will be scheduled after the first phases of the elementary drainage issues are implemented and once a plan for the draft site plan for the LES/LHS campus has been completed.
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