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Changes to Elementary Arrival and Dismissal are Coming January 4th
In order to improve safety and efficiency during elementary arrival and dismissal, LES is planning to change its arrival and dismissal procedures beginning January 4th. These new processes were drafted with input from district stakeholders including parents, staff, and students.

In order to prepare for this change, the district has made a change to the traffic pattern directly in front of the school. Effectively immediately, the lane running parallel to Elm Street and directly in front of LES has now been designated for two way lane traffic. In the interest of student safety, all visitors and parents are asked to abide by these new procedures.

Other plans to support the traffic pattern change include replacing the both gates separating the campus lane and entrance to the elementary playground, purchase of additional radios to support an efficient arrival and dismissal.

Communication about the pending traffic pattern change is being done now in order to provide all the information needed in to make a successful transition.

Morning Drop-off (Beginning Jan. 4th)

Drivers that will be dropping their child(ren) off in the morning will now proceed to the playground parking lot. They will enter through the entrance off Elm St. and exit onto Keny Blvd. There you will see designated drop off zones where you will pull up and an LES staff member will greet your child and help him/her get out of the car. Drivers will remain in the car and follow the flow of traffic in a single file line. Students will enter through the ‘C Door’ and walk to the cafeteria for breakfast or to the designated gym.

Drop off will begin at 8:00 AM and will end at 8:50 AM. At 8:50 AM, the LES tardy bell will ring and any student that arrives after that time will be considered tardy and will be required to be signed in at the office by a parent. These changes are due to new attendance laws in the state of Ohio.

Preschool Pick-up & Drop-off (Beginning Jan. 4th)

Preschool pick-up and drop-off will now take place in the front of the LES building. Parents may park in the parking lot located in front of LES and walk their child over using the crosswalk. The preschool staff will meet you and your child in the front of the elementary.

Afternoon Pick-up (Beginning Jan. 4th)

Drivers will line up on the playground parking lot no earlier than 3:00 PM. Parents will park in front on the designated cones and the staff member on duty will bring your child(ren) to the car. Student’s names will be written on a card, which will be located in the front of the driver’s vehicle. The driver will remain in the car and follow the flow of traffic in a single file line. The afternoon pick-up will no longer be staggered based on grade levels. Drivers will be able to pick up all of their students, no matter the grade level, at the same time. Dismissal will continue to occur at 3:15 PM.

Please know that student safety is always on the forefront of our minds and we appreciate your help as we make this transition.
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