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LCS working on “making” spaces
Innovation doesn’t happen all by itself. Instead, it’s made. In order to support problem-based learning, creativity, and to promote 21st century skills, LCS is rethinking the use of media centers in each school. Teacher teams working within each building last year were challenged to come up with ideas on how to remake these spaces into a more user friendly “makerspace” for students.

A makerspace is essentially a collaborative area within a school, which provides students an enhanced opportunity to work together, explore, and create. Makerspaces may focus on using technology like video editing, 3D printers, and robotics or could focus on using unique furniture to provide opportunities for greater student collaboration. Because individual teams in each building suggested what each space might look like, each school makerspace will vary. The spaces will be a work in progress and will evolve throughout the year based on input from both students and teachers but should be exciting to watch!

The Makerspaces being launched in each building are in large part designed to support the district’s goals of boosting STEM education. Students who are adept at applying design thinking principles inherent in STEM programs, are more likely to take initiative, demonstrate innovation, and possess technical skills. These students will not only have a greater advantage in STEM career fields but across a variety of career paths.
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