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Money Matters: August 2018 District Financial Update
During its history, the London City Schools has enjoyed a great deal of financial support from the community. Due to this continued support, the district has successfully lived within its financial means, since its last new money levy was passed in 2007.

Due to a growing local economy, our district revenues were slightly higher than expected this past year. Combined with spending within our budget, LCS essentially balanced revenues and spending during the 2018 fiscal year. The district will continue to take proactive steps to recapture savings whenever possible, but like any business or family budget, costs always increase. Finally, after 11 years, the district is expected to begin deficit spending next school year.

Ohio’s school funding model ensures that all school districts go through a cycle in which they will eventually have to ask local voters for more financial support. This does not mean, London will be on the ballot for new money immediately. Right now, the district expects to ask voters to renew (no additional taxes), its current income tax levy in November of 2019.  This levy was originally passed in 2005 and has been renewed by constituents on the first ballot twice (2010, 2014). It is hoped that the levy renewal along with budget reductions will push back the need to request new money as long as possible.  
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