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November 5th, 2019 Renewal Levy Information
The London City School District Board of Education approved a request to renew the district’s income tax levy be placed on the November 2019 ballot. The income tax levy, which was originally passed by voters in 2005, has been renewed on two other occasions and will NOT raise taxes. The revenue represents 17.4% of the district’s budget and is imperative to supporting district programs.

School funding in Ohio is designed for school districts to have some highs and lows and to periodically go back to the local community for support. During the middle of last school year, LCS began to spend more than it was taking in. This was mainly due to inflation and the fact that London has not passed a new money operating levy since 2008.

In order to meet the budget shortfall for the coming years, the district implemented a very aggressive fiscal wellness plan, which included strategies to reduce expenses and raise revenues. These strategies included but were not limited to reducing eight (8) staff positions, revamping the district’s facility rental process, and launching a new Before and After School Program, which will provide an additional revenue source for the district. These strategies resulted in $772,000 in annual savings. Because of the fiscal stewardship efforts this past year, the district should be on stable financial ground for the next few years, if the renewal levy is passed.

Community members are greatly encouraged to contact the district office and ask to speak to the superintendent or treasurer with any questions regarding the district’s financial status.
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