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District Annual Emergency Procedure Reminders and Updates

The safety of district students is a top priority for the London City School District. To that extent, the district has established a safety committee, which meets regularly to review school safety plans, recommend improvements to procedures or district facilities, and to assist and carry out safety drills. The district’s current safety plan was approved during the spring of 2019 with the assistance of the Ohio Department of Education, Homeland Security, and local first responders. LCS conducts safety drills quarterly with the assistance of local first responders.

Over the last year, the district safety has recommended the installation of classroom and office barricades, safety film and window coverings, additional security cameras throughout the district, and the installation of security monitors in each administrative office. Many of the upgrades occurred due to generous funding by the Madison County Prosecutor’s office, who redirected funds seized as part of local drug enforcement to school safety initiatives.

Should an emergency occur at school or should it become necessary to delay or cancel school, the LCS will make every attempt to notify parents of the situation and the district protocols for addressing it. 

District safety communications occur in many ways including but not limited to:

  • An automated district phone call using the phone numbers on file with the school office;
  • Posting on the district’s website and social media accounts;
  • Local media outlets including but not limited to 10TV, ABC6, NBC4;
  • Email blasts using the email addresses on file with the school office.

District parents are urged to keep contact information as current as possible. If you have changed your address, phone number, or email address, please contact the district office or update that information in Final Forms. 

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