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LCS and Madison County Public Health Working Together on Resolving Sickness at LMS
Recently several students and others associated with the London Middle School football team contracted a stomach ailment. When a sickness involves a specific group, the Health Department normally assists in investigating and helping to ensure the health of all involved. The district and health department are working together on this issue. To that end, MCPH issued the following statement:
MCPH monitors illness patterns during the year for the entire county. By tracking illnesses, we know when to expect a rise in colds, the flu, and stomach bugs. When more people get sick than what we expect AND they share something in common we often call this an outbreak. During the school year MCPH typically investigates outbreaks in every school. Right now MCPH is investigating an increase of gastroenteritis (usually called the stomach bug) among students, parents, and faculty who are involved with London Middle School football. While this does not appear to be an ongoing illness outbreak, it is important for us to look at what caused this so that we can help prevent it from happening again. We will be working with school staff over the next few days, and we may call or email you as we investigate this outbreak.

Although it is expected that the illnesses are not expected to be lengthy or altogether serious, the district and health department wish to work together to assist in the health and well being of all. London Middle School Officials will call parents if MCPH would like to speak to your child. In the meantime, you can assist in maintaining the health of your child by practicing simple, common sense wellness strategies like effective handwashing, ensuring adequate sleep, etc.  
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