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LCS Does the Math: Upgrades Planned for Mathematics Curriculum, Instructional Practices, and Classroom Resources

After a year-long, comprehensive review of its mathematics programs, the London City School Board recently approved the adoption of a new mathematics curriculum and the corresponding purchase of new instructional resources for students in grades K-12. Identified as the highest priority subject area needed for improvement at the beginning of the year, district teachers and administrators have spent nine months studying student achievement in math and planning for improvement. The result of this work includes the implementation of a number of high impact strategies designed to support district students and improve academic performance. Highlights of these strategies include:

  1. Reworked instructional schedules at LES and LMS to ensure all students in grades K-8 receive at minimum 80 minutes of English Language Arts and 80 minutes of Math instruction daily.
  2. Aligned instructional schedules at LMS and LHS to allow high achieving middle school students the opportunity to take courses at LHS, which are not being offered at the middle school.
  3. Drafted and included rubrics in both the LMS and LHS Course Guides, which outline criteria for students being placed in math courses at both schools.
  4. Revised course offerings at the high school to allow for greater remediation if needed.
  5. Purchased of instructional resources for all students in grades K-12, the first for the district in seven years.
  6. Drafted district curriculum and pacing guides to ensure the new Ohio Learning Standards are being taught with fidelity and to link with new district resources.
  7. Expanded use of Measures of Academic Process (MAP) formative assessments for grades K-10 to assist teachers in changing their instructional practices to meet individual student needs throughout the year.
  8. Adopted a District Academic Calendar, which includes two-hour early releases and full staff professional development days in part to support teacher collaboration to better use MAP assessment data in order to help students achieve.
  9. Published a professional development plan for teachers for the 2016-2017 school year, which will assist teachers in implementing the new curriculum.
  10. Scheduled parent nights to assist with parents in learning about math education in the school district.
  11. Posted an additional mathematics teaching position at LMS in order to lower class size and maintain at least 80 minutes of math instruction a day.
  12. Currently, district administrators are meeting with parents on revising the districts gifted instruction model to assist with high levels of growth and achievement for gifted identified students in grades 4 and 5.

The comprehensive reworking of math instruction at LCS is just one way the district is working to raise student achievement and growth, which has been a priority during the 2015-2016 school year. During the 2016-2017 school year, LCS will ensure the mathematics program is being properly implemented as well as beginning to review teaching and learning practices in English Language Arts. Other district priorities include preparing students for success, broadening opportunities for all students, and improving the “user experience” of the district and its schools. You can learn more about the district and its work to improve at the districts newly redesigned website: www.london.k12.oh.us.

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