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LCS Conducts Fiscal Spring Cleaning, Aims to Net $145k in Savings

Many Americans take advantage of warmer spring weather to thoroughly clean and reorganize their homes. Recently, the London City School District placed a distinctive spin on this age-old tradition and sought to conduct a fiscal “spring cleaning” of its own. This past spring, Dr. Kramer challenged district administrators to identify, modify, and/or retire programs or practices, which were under-utilized, unused, or inefficient. In addition, administrators were tasked with looking critically at current staffing structures and reflect on current needs and best practice.

As a result of this process, the district looks to save approximately $145,000 next year by changing current practices, reorganizing the current administrative support structure, and retiring several under-utilized programs. Here are a few highlights of the district’s recent fiscal “spring cleaning:”

  • The bulk of the savings will be realized with the reorganization of the district’s Teaching and Learning and Student Support Departments. Due to a resignation and subsequent promotion, LCS reduced its Educational Supervisor position and adjusted hours for the department’s administrative assistant. When considering the salary and benefits for several individuals involved with this change, this will net just over $103,000 in savings annually.
  • After a thorough review of district paper and copier usage, LCS has established a goal of reducing paper usage by 1 million copies or about 17%. To do this, the district will raise awareness of this goal, monitor usage throughout the year, and share progress with all staff members. The district will also change printing defaults to two-sided and encourage greater use of Google Classroom as an online alternative to worksheets. If successful, it is anticipated that this strategy will save $20,000.
  • Beginning Monday, June 6th and continuing until Monday, August 8th, LCS will switch to a four day a week, ten-hour a day workweek for all district staff. This will allow for all district buildings to be “closed” for 7 days during the summer. When each school building is “closed” the district will adjust air handlers to unoccupied mode, thereby saving on utility costs. In the event an activity must be held during a day the building is “closed,” air handler use will be partitioned to ensure maximum savings. Based on an analysis of prior year utility costs, it is anticipated that this strategy will save $1,625 per day the district is “closed” or about $13,000.

“Fiscal spring cleaning” is another example of how the London City School District works to be responsible with taxpayer dollars. Last summer, LCS refinanced its bond debt to a lower interest rate, which saved LCS taxpayers well over one million dollars. The district will continue to focus on its priorities, namely, raising student achievement and growth, preparing students for success, broadening opportunities for all students, and improving the “user experience” of our schools, but will always do so in a fiscally responsible way. You can learn more about the London City School District, and its work to improve at the district’s newly redesigned website: www.london.k12.oh.us.


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