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LCS to Transition London Academy to District Program in 2017-2018
Due to a variety of changes in Ohio law and other circumstances, the London City School District will be transitioning the London AcademyDue to a variety of changes in Ohio law and other circumstances, the London City School District will be transitioning the London Academy to a district program for the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Currently, London Academy is a district sponsored, community school, which has been in existence since 2002. The school serves students, who are at least one grade level behind their peers, and are at risk of not graduating. About 250 students currently attend the school including about 70 of which reside in the London City School District. The remaining approximately 180 students reside in school districts throughout Madison and surrounding counties.

Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, LCS has been exploring various ways to expand and enhance innovative programs for all students. These efforts have included expanding high school course options for middle school students and college options for high school students. The district adopted an online curriculum last May to support offering blended and virtual programs and is operating a pilot of these courses with select students this fall.

London’s efforts in providing more innovative programs was given more urgency last May, when the Auditor of State noted concerns after conducting “head counts” in a number of Ohio’s community and charter schools. Although the school’s educational program had been approved by the Ohio Department of Education yearly since its inception, both the Auditor and ODE urged London Academy to change its educational program to include more student and teacher, face-to-face time. The school changed its educational model at the beginning of this school year, but the changes required by the state are not financially and logistically sustainable beyond the end of the current school year.

LCS is currently developing an extended school day program with the express purpose of providing a personalized option for all students including students that are served at London Academy. The program will incorporate the district’s blended and virtual learning programs, College Credit Plus, and the district’s credit flexibility policy to individualize each student’s learning. It will be designed for all students including high achieving and those that are currently experiencing difficulty in their coursework. Students will access the program at times and in a manner consistent with their interests and goals. You can learn more about the planning of this program by visiting www.london.k12.oh.us/londonunlimited.aspx.

The district has reached out to the current Board of Directors at London Academy in an effort to collaborate to help this program be more successful. In addition, current London Academy students will be asked to complete a survey and/or participate in a focus group as the program is being developed.

When launched in 2002, London Academy took advantage of increased flexibility in regards to educational programs and other rules afforded to community schools compared to traditional districts. Ironically, recent changes in Ohio law now provide more flexibility for school districts when compared to community schools. While the Academy may be closing its doors in its current state, London City Schools is looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity to improve learning options for all district students.
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