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All London City Schools students will be prepared for individual success.
This is how we are measuring if we are making progress...

Each district school will achieve an attendance rate of at least 94% annually.

Each district school will decrease the number of total out-of-school suspensions annually (compared to the three year average).
This is what we are doing NOW in order to get thereā€¦.

Throughout the current school year, the district will continue to implement a system of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support in each district school, which will include strategies designed to improve student discipline, increase attendance, and provide numerous safety nets to support students.

By December 1st, 2018, the district will design and implement a universal referral and screening process to identify students who may be in need of greater social, emotional, or physical support.
Progress Monitoring
During last school year, London Elementary School (1062 students) had 32 out of school suspensions, which is 20% lower than the school average of 40 OSS per year.

London Middle School (480 students) had 90 suspensions, which equalled the average of 90 suspensions per year.

London High School (626 students) had a 29 total suspensions, which is over 21% lower than the previous average of 37 suspensions per year.

Overall, the London City School District (2,168 students) issued 151 suspensions during the 2017-2018 school year. This was over 6% lower than the average for the district. 
District Accomplishments
The number of out-of-school suspensions district wide decreased by 50 total suspensions during the 2016-2017 school year. 
LCS hired a district Student Services Specialist, who will support the social and emotional well being of students (January 2016).

The district entered into an agreement with The Counseling Source to provide counseling services to district students during the school day (March 2016). 
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