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Adelle FaulknerWelcome to London Middle School!  Our primary goal at LMS is to provide students with a safe environment conducive to learning the skills necessary to be successful 21st century citizens, an environment rich in tools and strategies enhanced by technology, and positive behavior supports that will offer each and every student the opportunity to excel academically, behaviorally and culturally.   The support of our families and community is critical to the achievement of this goal, and to that end we welcome open communication from our families and community regarding the issues that impact our students’ performance and safety.

This year we are continuing curriculum initiatives implemented last year, whose purposes are to enhance the learning experiences of our students.

First, the Honors ELA class at all three grade levels, and mathematics classes assigned by skill, using specific reliable and valid data, will be in place again this year.  These are fluid classes that may change for students based on data gathered from baseline and other assessments. Also, the practice of assigning students to Band and Choir by ability will be continued, as it fits in the students’ schedules.  This is always a challenge when students who excel in one area often excel in others, and there are only so many ways to arrange the Master Schedule.  We do our best to accommodate all of our students’ scheduling wishes, but please understand that all classes may not fit into every student’s schedule and some choices will have to be made.

Second, we invite you to the LMS Way, where we are building good citizens one pillar at a time.  When you visit the building, you will notice street names for all hallways that describe the “pillars” that build positive character and good citizens.

Third, while the concept of a building wide intervention period is powerful, the way last year’s flex period was set up was not as successful as hoped.  Therefore, we have replaced the flex period with Learning Labs first period.  Every teacher in the building will be involved providing structured, purposeful intervention and enrichment for every student; included will be pre- and post-assessments and data analysis to determine student growth. This concept has been a powerful tool to address the needs of students in other districts, so we are confident that we will be able to do the same for our LMS students.

Additionally, look for changes in ProgressBook that are intended to enhance communication with our families.  And…check out Mrs. Sims’ new Technology Literacy class.  This replaces the former Computer Literacy class and will offer students the exciting opportunity to learn 21st Century Skills as part of the Related Arts wheel.

I invite you to visit us, where I hope you will feel the immense positive energy that permeates the hallways and classrooms, energy that will be instrumental to realizing our goal that every student will make at least one year of achievement and growth!

- Adelle Faulkner, Principal