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World History
The Parthenon of the Acropolis — Athens, Greece
Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan
Ancient Mesopotamian Sculptures

  • The British Museum - Museum artifacts help students explore the geography, mythology, and writings of Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • History Link 101 - This site connects students to the art, biographies, daily Life, maps, pictures, and research on Ancient Mesopotamia.
  • History of the Assyrians – This history brief provides detailed information on geography, language, and religion of the Assyrian Empires.
  • Mesopotamian Timeline – This Washington State University sponsored timeline traces Mesopotamian history and has in-text links that offer easy access to related information.
  • Mesopotamia
The Roman Colosseum
A Viking Ship

  • BBC: Ancient History: Vikings - Provided by British Broadcasting Corporation, this site explores the Vikings as a more complex people that farmed, traded and explored as well as being warriors.  This profile of Viking life uses interactive media that requires Macromedia Flash plug in as it describes religion, food, weapons and warfare.  Grades 4-8
  • BBC: Schools: The Vikings – Presented for a younger audience, British Broadcasting Corporation Schools provides an introduction to Viking life, describing their homes, lifestyle and beliefs. Other features include a timeline, glossary, and activities.
  •  NOVA Online: The Vikings – A multimedia profile of the Vikings, including a video tour of a Viking village with links to other resources both online and  print.
  • The Vikings - This is an educational resource that starts with summary paragraphs about the Vikings with links to more detailed descriptions of Viking life, including maps and pictures.
  • The Vikings – Created by teachers of the Snaith Primary School in England, this site is written for 7 and 8 year olds with links to help older children study the Vikings, including, who they were, lifestyles and where they are now.
  • The Viking Deception
  • Vikings
  • The Vikings
  • Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
History Search Engines

Find awesome resources for history through these search engines that index original documents, sources, and archives.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: Use the LUNA Browser to check out David Rumsey’s Map Collection with more than 30,000 images, searchable by keyword.

Genesis: Find excellent sources for women’s history with the Genesis dataset and extensive list of web resources.

Fold3: Gain access to historical military records through Fold3, the web’s premier collection of original military records and memorials.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Use the Internet Modern History Sourcebook to find thousands of sources in modern history. Browse and search to find full texts, multimedia, and more.

Library of Anglo-American Culture and History: Use the history guide from the Library of Anglo-American Culture and History for a subject catalog of recommended websites for historians, with about 11,000 to choose from.

HistoryBuff: History Buff offers an online newspaper archive, reference library, and even a historical panoramas section in their free primary source material collection.

Digital History: University of Houston’s Digital History database offers a wealth of links to textbook, primary sources, and educational materials in digital history. The database has multimedia, an interactive timeline, active learning, and resources for teachers.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook is a great place to study human origins, with full text and search on topics including Mesopotamia, Rome, the Hellenistic world, Late Antiquity, and Christian origins.

History and Politics Out Loud: History and Politics Out Loud offers a searchable archive of important recordings through history, particularly politically significant audio materials.

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