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Vietnam Resources
General Resources

Infohio.org (EBSCOHOST which includes The Biography Reference Center)

NBC News (Vietnam War Photo Archive)

PBS   (Battlefields of Vietnam)

Vietnam’s TV History

Vassar University — Vietnam   The Wars of Vietnam:  1945-1975

Authentic History – Vietnam War Overview



Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh—History.com

Ho Chi Minh – PBS—American Experience

Ho Chi Minh – Digital History

Ho Chi Minh – INFOhio – Biography Reference Bank


                     Lyndon B. Johnson                    

Lyndon B. Johnson’s Presidential Library

Lyndon B. Johnson — Virginia University

Lyndon B. Johnson — PBS

Lyndon B. Johnson – PBS—Bill Moyers’ Journal

Lyndon B. Johnson – C-Span Video

Lyndon B. Johnson – Letter from Johnson to Steinbeck about Vietnam

Lyndon B. Johnson – INFOhio – Biography Reference Bank


                        Richard M. Nixon                                           

Richard M. Nixon – C-Span

Richard M. Nixon – American Radio Works

Richard M. Nixon – History.com

Richard M. Nixon – US Department of State

Richard M. Nixon – University of California, Santa Barbara

Richard M. Nixon – PBS – The American Experience

Richard M. Nixon’s Presidential Library

Richard M. Nixon – INFOhio – Biography Reference Bank


                            Henry Kissinger                            

Henry Kissinger – The Smithsonian

Henry Kissinger – PBS –The American Experience

Henry Kissinger – WGBH –Vietnam War

Henry Kissinger – US Department of State Office of the Historian

Henry Kissinger



Cambodia and Laos

Cambodia and Laos – Alpha History.com

Cambodia and Laos – National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Cambodia and Laos – PBS—The American Experience

Cambodia and Laos – PDF from Yale University

Cambodia and Laos – Wellesley College

Cambodia and Laos – The Library of Congress – Country Studies


My Lai Massacre

My Lai Massacre –  PBS – American Experience

My Lai Massacre –  BBC News

My Lai MassacreUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

My Lai Massacre –  Alpha History

My Lai Massacre – The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Tet Offensive

Tet Offensive – U.S. Department of State – Office of the Historian

 Tet Offensive – U.S. NAVY – Naval History and Heritage Command

Tet Offensive – Australian Government—Office of Veterans’ Affairs

Tet Offensive – Independence Hall Association

Tet Offensive – Clemson University

Tet Offensive – The Cold War Museum



Vietcong — PBS

Vietcong – Alpha History

Vietcong–  Australia Government – Office of Veterans’ Affairs

Vietcong — The History Channel

Vietcong — Ohio State University –eHistory – PDF from Department of Defense

Anti-war Protests

 Anti-war Protests – The History Channel

Anti-war Protests – University of Illinois

Anti-war Protests –  UC Berkeley (Sound recordings)

Anti-war Protests – Oklahoma Historical Society

Anti-war Protests—University of Washington

Anti-war Protests – White House History

Anti-war Protests — PBS

Anti-war Protests – The Washington Post

Cultural Effects

Cultural Effects on the U.S.—Digital History

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – Stanford University

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – The Harvard Gazette (Harvard University)

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – University of Virginia (a thesis)

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – American Historical Association

Cultural Effects on the U.S. – Smithsonian Magazine



Indochina – The Cold War Museum

Indochina – The History Place

Indochina – Clemson University

Indochina – Council on Foreign Relations

Indochina – BBC News

Indochina –  PBS

Indochina – Charles Sturt University (Australia)


Treatment of U.S. Soldiers

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers – University of Illinois

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers – The Guardian

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers – Australian Government – Office of Veterans’ Affairs

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers – Library of Congress—Experiencing War

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers –  The History Channel

Treatment of U.S. Soldiers – Harvard University Gazette

Military Innovations and Strategies

 Military Innovations and Strategies – The History Channel

Military Innovations and Strategies – Military History Online

Military Innovations and Strategies – PBS  (Click the tabs across for more information)

Military Innovations and Strategies — PBS

Military Innovations and Strategies – Georgetown University Library (PDF)

Military Innovations and Strategies—National Lawyers Guild

Military Innovations and Strategies –  PBS

Military Innovations and Strategies – University of Virginia

Military Innovations and Strategies – Texas Tech University

 Sites for “The Wall”

The Wall-USA

The above site contains personal reflections about The Wall from a veteran’s perspective as well as links to other Wall sites.

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Fund

The above site is extremely helpful in getting history and information about The Wall.

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorials

The above site provides information about The Wall in Washington, as well as memorials in individual states. It also includes personal reflections by visitors to The Wall.

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