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“Super Size Me” Essay Resources

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  • “Big Targets: Advertising and America’s Obesity Epidemic”
  • “Advertising Aimed at Children Blamed for Increasing Obesity”
  • “Child Obesity–an Epidemic of inequality”
  • “Supersize It! America’s Unhealthy Lifestyle”
  • “Flood of Unhealthy Food Ads Continues”
  • “Celebrity Advertising ‘increases Childhood Obesity’”
  • “Obesity: An Overview”
  • “Research Seeks Food Link to Addiction and Obesity”
  • “Obesity a Type of Addiction”
  • “World’s First Study on Food Addiction Concludes Addiction Contributes to Obesity”


Advertising and Childhood Obesity

American Psychological Association

 Medical Daily

Business Ethics

Business Insider

Obesity Epidemic in America​ and the Health Problems That Go with It


Harvard School of Public Health

World Health Organization (WHO)

Harvard School of Public Health

Stanford Health Care

 Mayo Clinic

The Atlantic

Scientific American

 The Boston Globe


Europe PubMed Central

Suggestions for Fighting/Preventing Obesity (organizations)

“Obesity in America”

“Obesity in the News”

“Fighting Obesity in the Workplace”  –from the CDC

Let’s Move!

Weight Watchers

Jenny Craig


Suggestions for Fighting/Preventing Obesity (articles)

USA Today

The Washington Post

The Washington Times

Project Muse (produced by Johns Hopkins University Press)

Topic 1: How does advertising for different products and fast food companies impact childhood obesity? – EBSCOHOST–Multi-database search

 eMedicine Health

U. S. National Library of Medicine  (Medline Plus)

World Health Organization

The National Bureau of Economic Research

JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)

American Academy of Pediatrics

Topic 2: Define and discuss obesity.  How has it become an epidemic (widespread problem) in America? What other health concerns/problems can develop as a result of being obese? – Multi-database search

 University of Michigan Health System

eMedicine Health

 Center for Disease Control

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