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Social Science Research Network: In this research network, you can find a wide variety of social science research from a number of specialized networks including cognitive science, leadership, management, and social insurance.

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Encyclopedia of Psychology: Search or browse the Encyclopedia of Psychology to find basic information, and even translations for information about psychology careers, organizations, publications, people, and history.

Anthropology Review Database: Through this database, you can get access to anthropology reviews, look up publishers, and find resources available for review.

Anthropological Index Online: This anthropological online search includes both general search of 4,000 periodicals held in The British Museum Anthropology Library as well as Royal Anthropological Institute films.

Political Information: Political Information is a search engine for politics, policy, and political news with more than 5,000 carefully selected websites for political information.

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London City Schools
District Office Address:
380 Elm St., 2nd Floor
London, Ohio 43140
District Office:
District Fax:
(740) 852-5700
(740) 845-3282
Elementary: (740) 845-3272
Middle School: (740) 852-5701
High School: (740) 852-5705
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