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This image from the 1930’s shows how the stock market crash caused a rise in unemployment numbers. The long line of people in this image shows how people were not able to afford food. The Great Depression was impacting the citizens and poverty was becoming a big issue. Americans began to die of starvation. Soup kitchens and breadlines were there to provide aid for those who were unemployed and struggling financially.


The World Wide Web Virtual Library   Click on the 1930-1939 Decade.  This will give you a good place to start for multi-purpose information; however, if you come upon information from Wikipedia, you are not to use this as a source.

The People History (Click on the 1930s decade.)

Infoplease (Search year-by-year in the 1930s decade.)


Topic 1:  The Great Depression

Timeline from PBS   American Experience

Awesome Stories in History     Causes of the Great Depression    Click on Great Depression:  Provides other information and links about The Great Depression.

University of Wisconsin   Lecture with pertinent points about the Great Depression

University of Virginia   America in the 1930s

Infohio.org (Database)   Click on 9-12 Resources.  World Book Advanced (general information only)


Topic 2:  Migrant Workers and the Dust Bowl Electronic Resources

Library of Congress – American Memories

American Experience

Cimarron County Chamber of Commerce Museum (in Oklahoma)

Library of Congress (The Migrant Experience)


Topic 3:  John Steinbeck

Nobel Prize Site

Infohio.org   Click on 9-12 Resources.  Biography Reference Bank and Literary Reference Center

C-Span American Writers


Topic 4:  American Dream

American Radio Works — Public Radio

Xavier University — The American Dream

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