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Newton’s Laws of Motion Resources

Newton’s Laws of Motion Songby Mr. Parr (music by Chris Brown – “International Love”)

What’s Newton’s Laws Say” Songby Mr. M. and Mr. Parker (aka Singing History Teachers)  –(music by Ylvis) “What Does a Fox Say?”

Definition of Newton’s Laws of Motion:   Three laws of mechanics formulated by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687. They can be stated as:

(1) An object continues in a state of rest or constant velocity unless acted on by an external force.

(2) The resultant force acting on an object is proportional to the rate of change of momentum of the object, the change of momentum being in the same direction as the force.

(3) If one object exerts a force on another then there is a simultaneous equal and opposite force on the first object exerted by the second. The first law was discovered by Galileo, and is both a description of inertia and a definition of zero force. The second law provides a definition of force based on the inertial property of mass. The second and third laws combined give the law of conservation of momentum.   Daintith, John, and Richard Rennie. “Newton’s laws of motion.” Science Online. Facts on File. Web. 12 Feb. 2015.    


INFOhio – Check out these two databases:  Science Online, Science Reference Center, and Digital Video Collection. 


Physics Classroom

Newton’s Laws of Motion (Science Channel)

World Wide Science    (Place this in the search box:  Newton’s Laws of Motion.)

Windows to the Universe

NEOK-12  — Collection of educational videos, games, quizzes, diagrams and puzzles for students K-12.

Georgia Perimeter College – Work, Energy, and Power

Physics Tutorials – Work, Energy, and Power

University of New South Wales – Work, Energy, and Power

Rice University Teacher Tech (Newton’s Laws of Motion)


Video Demonstrations of Newton’s Laws of Motion 1, 2, and 3

 ESA Lab Video – Newton’s 1st Law

Science 360 Newton’s 1st Law (Science of NFL Football)

Lab Video – Newton’s 2nd Law

Science of NHL Hockey—Newton’s Laws of Motion (from NBC Learn)

Balloon Lab Video – Newton’s 3rd Law

PBS Circus Dogs and Newton’s Laws of Motion (Click on the video.)

Newton’s Laws of Motion (PBS Learning Media –video)


Videos of Work, Power, and Energy

Science 360.gov (video)

Bozeman Science (YouTube video)

Science of Golf (Work, Energy, and Power video) from USGA


Newton’s First Law Image (from NASA)

Newton’s Second Law Image (from NASA)

Newton’s Third Law Image (from NASA)
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