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London Unlimited is an educational program designed by the London City School District with the express purpose to provide hybrid and personalized educational options for students. The program incorporates the district’s blended and virtual learning programs, College Credit Plus, and the district’s credit flexibility policy to individualize each student's educational program. London Unlimited is designed for all students including high achieving and those that are currently experiencing difficulty in their coursework. The district supports the implementation of this program by extending the school day to 4 pm daily. Students access the program at times and in a manner consistent with an approved student success plan.

London Unlimited is both a online and a brick and mortar educational program. As a concept, the program unites a variety of district programs to personalize learning. The program is designed to link educational opportunities to a time, place, and method, which best supports student interests and needs. All students complete a common registration form in order to access various educational opportunities. A student support team exists to support collaborative decisions based on data and student interest.

London Unlimited functions as an extension of the London High School school day, which adds 2 periods to the regular 8 period high school day. London Unlimited students are expected to be onsite for no less than two and one half (2.5) hours per week and working in the program a total of at least ten (10) hours per week. Students enrolled in a London Unlimited program are monitored regularly through activity logs, attendance reports, and online progress reports and may be removed from the program for failing to meet program requirements. Students taking courses for credit advancement through the London Unlimited program will be required to successfully complete certain projects throughout the course.
Is London Unlimited Right for Me?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional high school schedule or a flexible school day? 
  • Are you interested in taking classes for college credit while still attending high school? 
  • Are you wanting to move faster through your course requirements?
  • Are you looking for an internship experience that allows you to work and receive high school credit?
  • Do you need to makeup credits in order graduate on time?
  • Do you want to explore an interest and receive high school course credit too?
Program Information
Contact Information 
336 Elm Street (Room 304)
London, Ohio 43140
P: (740) 852-5705
F: (740) 845-3284
Program Hours
Online: 24/7/365
Onsite Program Hours: Daily 7:27 am - 4 pm
Open Computing Hours: Daily 2:40 pm - 4 pm
London City Schools
District Office Address:
380 Elm St., 2nd Floor
London, Ohio 43140
District Office:
District Fax:
(740) 852-5700
(740) 845-3282
Elementary: (740) 845-3272
Middle School: (740) 852-5701
High School: (740) 852-5705
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