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Project Goal & Benchmarks

By April 30th, 2019, all schools within the London City School District will be designated as STEM schools by the Ohio Department of Education. In order to accomplish this goal, the district will achieve the following benchmarks:

  1. Identify the portraits of a current and future London High School Graduate.

  2. Engage students in meaningful problem-based learning across the curriculum and in each school.

  3. Establish educational pathways, which include internships, linked to high demand careers, that are supported by partnerships with local industries and higher education partners.

  4. Support problem-based learning, creativity, and personalized learning through the redesign of educational spaces and co curricular programs across the district (i.e. Makerspaces, Robotics, etc.).

  5. Provide effective professional development to all district stakeholders to support problem-based learning, capacity building, and to enhance the change process.

  6. Plan for sustainability by securing grant funding and establishing pathways which receive weighted funding from the Ohio Department of Education.

The following resources are being used to help guide our work toward meeting this goal:
Project Activites
  1. June 2017:  As a catalyst for improving science and STEM teaching and learning across the district, a goal is established to seek Ohio Department of Education STEM designation for each school in the district.
  2. August 2017: A district team participates in an "innovation" meeting hosted by the Ohio Department of Educaiton and the Ohio Small and Rural School Collaborative geared to establishing innovative learning structures in small and rural schools.
  3. October 2017: Another district team attends an OSRC/ODE innovation collaboration meeting.
  4. October/November 2017: Superintendent provides an update on the state of the district including progress on the STEM initiative by visiting building staff meetings.
  5. November 2017: A district team visits Northwestern Local Schools (Wayne County) which is the only district in the state to have all schools designated as STEM schools by the Ohio Department of Education. 
  6. November 2017: District and LEA teams brainstorm and discusses strategies for implementation as a part of monthly Shared Solutions meeting.
  7. November 2017: District collaborates with David Kell for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and Emmy Beeson, Superintendent of Tolles Technical Center, on program ideas and strategies for partnerships.
  8. December 2017: A district team visists Global Impact STEM Academy (Springfield) and Marysville Early College High School.
  9. December 2017: A webpage is launched dedicated to publically documenting progress on project. 
  10. January 2018: Professional development on project based learning is provided to staff as a part of the district's January 3rd professional learning day.
  11. January 2018: District team attends an OSRC/ODE innovation collaboration meeting.
  12. January 2018: Team site visit and collaborative meeting with Tolles. 
  13. February 2018: A district team visits several STEM schools within the Reynoldsburg City School District.
  14. February 2018: A district task force is formed and begins meeting weekly in order to plan and implement strategies for the 2018-2019 school year. 
  15. March 2018: The Board of Education approves updated course guides at LMS and LHS, which include multiple elective STEM courses.
  16. April 2018: The district task force continues to meet in order to effectively plan for 2018-2019. Teachers are recruited for pathways, training is scheduled, and individual stakeholder groups are formed to plan Makerspaces.
  17. April 2018: LCS holds an all staff professional development day, which focuses on building capacity with design thinking and problem based learning.
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