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In order for the District to provide an appropriate program for academically gifted or talented students, it is important to be clear about the type of student being referred.  The following explanations can provide a basis for an effective program for these students.

The terms “gifted” and/or “talented”* are appropriately used to refer to:

“Persons exhibiting an extraordinarily sophisticated level of a certain understanding and/or skill which manifested itself without having been “learned, in the usual sense, or which was learned, but learned significantly earlier or faster than that of others of the same age or experience.”

* While some make a distinction between “giftedness” and “talent” by linking talent only to skills or by saying “talent” is potential skill and “giftedness” is demonstrated skill, the distinction does not seem to be particularly useful.  Regardless of the label that is used, what is being referred to is behavior which implies extraordinarily sophisticated understanding and/or skill.


The common approach to identifying these students has been to apply one (1) or more of the following criteria:

A. IQ Score of 120 or above (or equivalent high score on any standardized individual or group test of scholastic aptitude)
B.  at least one (1) standard deviation above average on standardized tests of achievement in reading, language, and/or mathematics.  

Students referred by August 26th will be tested during the week of September 6th - 9th.
Final referrals need to be made by April 11th.  The last testing window will be from May 8th - 12th.
Referrals can be made to Kristin Champlin or Cheryl Stauffer. 
Contact Information
Kristin Champlin, Gifted Teacher
Michele Roberts
Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Programming
Madison-Champaign ESC
1512 South US HWY 68
Suite J 100
Urbana, Ohio 43078
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