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Persuasive Resources is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Our purpose is to provide resources for critical thinking and to educate without bias. We research issues that are controversial and important, and we present them in a balanced, comprehensive, straightforward, transparent, and primarily pro-con format at no charge.


Points of View Reference Center 

  • Scroll down the page until you see the icon.  Click on it.

This is the Points of View database which presents articles supporting multiple sides of current Issues from which students can develop persuasive arguments and  essays while  developing their analytical thinking skills.


EBSCOHOST Mulit-Database Search

  • Scroll down the page until you see  EBSCOHOST Multi-Database Search.

This database contains other databases contains articles from more than 6,000 magazines and newspapers are indexed, most in full text, from children’s

To limit your search to General/News Databases,  click on the small box that is to the left of General/News Databases and click the yellow Continue Button at the top left.  Insert your topic in the search box and click search.

Once you get your results, you are able to use limiters (found on the left-hand side) to narrow your search even further.  For example,  you can change the years you want included and you may also choose only full-text articles.  These are only two of the limiters from which you may choose.

Google Images —   Search editorial cartoons including your topic in the search box.

Noodletools —  Use this citation creator for your Works Cited page.


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