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Tutorials for Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting

Cardiff University Information Services  This link will provide a paraphrasing and summarizing interactive tutorial.

Monash University  This link will provide information on quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing.

General Resources


Click on 9-12 Resources. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on World Book Advanced or World Book Academic.  This will give you basic information about your country.

 Library of Congress — Country Studies

 Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence

 CIA World Factbook   This government website includes the people of that country, maps, military presence, and transnational issues.

Webster UniversityA site that has resources for many of the genocide choices.

World Without Genocide  Click on Genocides and Conflicts. Find your country.  Not all countries are represented.


Specific Genocide Resources


Armenian National Institute  (Good for detailed information about the events that led up to the genocide, where it happened, type of government, how it ended and witness accounts)

The Forgotten.org  This is an award winning web site that has been designed to educate students about the Armenian genocide.  (Good for information about the genocide, testimonies from survivors, and an interactive timeline of events)

Armenian Genocide 

The History Place    Scroll to bottom of the page and click on genocide in the 20th  century.


Bosnia (Srebrenica Massacre)

Peace Pledge Union Information– Genocide — Ukraine  (Good for information about where this famine occurred, the policies involving the forced famine and key figures involved, how it ended)

Bosnia Genocide

The History Place    Scroll to bottom of the page and click on genocide in the 20th century.


Ukraine (Holodomor – Soviet Famine)

United Human Rights — Genocide — Ukraine  (Good for information about the famine, number of people killed, Stalin’s Five Year Plan)

BBC News — Forced Famine  (Good for a survivor’s account and discusses the current fragile relationship between the Ukraine and Russia)

Ukraine Genocide

Holodomer Education

Holodomer Survivors  Sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in cooperation with the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Center

Connecticut Holodomer Awareness Committee



The History Place   Scroll to bottom of the page and click on genocide in the 20th  century.

Peace Pledge Union Information — Genocide — Cambodia (Good for events that led up to the genocide, during and after the genocide; victims involved and witness accounts)

PBS — Frontline — Chronicle of Survival  (Good for information about where the genocide happened, key groups involved, links to witness accounts and the aftermath)

Holocaust Museum Houston  The Holocaust Museum of Houston provides information and facts on the history of the genocide. It also has a section that describes the survivors of the genocide.


History Place — Genocide in Rwanda (Good for: background information about the Rwandan genocide)

BBC News:  Rwanda 10 Years on

(Good for information about why it happened, accounts from survivors and killers, how it ended and the aftermath)

PBS–Frontline:  Ghost of Rwanda  (Good for finding out the international community reaction, examining the aftermath, a comparative study of the Rwandan genocide with the Jewish Holocaust)

Human Rights Watch

BBC News    

Rwanda Genocide



PBS:  Frontline/World– Sudan  (Good for brief information about the Rwandan genocide, key figures, facts and stats about the government and history, humanitarian efforts and witness accounts)

BBC News:  Sudan:  A Nation Divided  (Good for current and in-depth news and features on the troubled nation, including reports on the Darfur crisis, poverty and the regional conflicts, witness and survivor accounts, peacekeeping efforts)

Save Darfur



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Telegraph

Genocide Intervention Network

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization


East Timor


Yale University–Genocide Studies Program

Melbourne Journal of International Law  –from The University of Melbourne (Australia)



Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence      


Woodring College of Education – Northwest Center for Holocaust, Genocide and Ethnocide Education



Bangladesh Genocide Archive  An online library of the Mass Killing in Bangladesh.

Gendercide Watch: Genocide in Bangladesh, 1971  Account of the repression and massacres carried out by the Pakistani military during the lead to the liberation war.

Bangladesh History: Genocide  Bangladesh History: genocide, democide, holocaust, Pakistan, army, rape

Guatemala (1982)

Yale University:  Genocide Studies


The Center for Justice and Accountability

Guatemala Genocide


Sabra-Shatila, Lebanon

Jewish Virtual Library

End the Occupation

Information Clearing House


Somalia (1991-1995)

World without Genocide:  William Mitchell College of Law

Enough Project



Genocide Watch

Journal of International Criminal Justice – Oxford University Journals

Rutgers University


Iraq (Al-Anfal Campaign)

Rutgers University


Iraq Genocide

The United Nations Refugee Agency

University of South Florida Libraries


North Korea

North Korea Now – International Law

Genocide Watch      

World Policy

The Korea Herald

International Harvard Review


Sierra Leone

Global Issues

Global Security




University of Hawaii



Genocide Memorial Project

BBC News




BBC News


Encyclopedia Britannica             



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum




Native Americans – Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears from PBS      

The Trail of Tears and the Forced Relocation of the Cherokee        Nation

US History.org

Cherokee Indian Removal, Encyclopedia of Alabama


Nanking, China

Nanking Genocide from the History Place

Online Documentary: The Nanking Atrocities   (A master’s degree thesis that delves into the atrocity)

Gendercide Watch:  Nanking

Eyewitness to History.com


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

End Genocide.org

World without Genocide.org

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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