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Freshman Orientation 2015

Welcome to Freshman Orientation to the LHS Library!

TRAILS Assessment:  Be sure to click on your correct class period and teacher to access the information literacy assessment.

1st period — Mrs. Sambas

2nd period — Ms. Williams

3rd period — Mrs. Sambas

3rd period — Ms. Williams

4th period — Mrs. Westlake

6th period — Mrs. Westlake

 7th period — Ms. Williams

7th period –Ms. Williams’ additions

8th period — Mrs. Sambas

1. Be sure you have completed and handed in your INFOhio Scavenger Hunt answer document to Ms. Davis. 

2. Also, be sure you complete your two plagiarism tutorials and get them checked off by Ms. Davis.

3.  Complete the plagiarism tutorial questions and hand in your answer document to Ms. Davis.  See below for questions –answer document will be provided.

4.  Last thing, be sure you complete the Library Crossword and also hand in.


Goblin Threat Flash-based game where users hunt for goblins in various scenes and defeat them by answering questions about plagiarism. From Lycoming College

Interactive Plagiarism Tutorial  This tutorial is from Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University.  You can use this tutorial to answer the questions on your answer document that has been provided for you.  When you are finished, you will hand in the answer document to Ms. Davis for grading. If you so choose, you can use any of the other tutorials as well to answer the questions.

Plagiarism Tutorial Questions

Rutgers University offers a 3-part plagiarism tutorial.  Use links below or see the main page.

1.  What is Plagiarism?
2.  Plagiarism:  Real life examples
3.  The Cite is Right:  The quiz show


NOTE:  If you need help with your crossword puzzle, you may want to use these resources.

Library Term Crossword (hand in)

Library Terms Crossword Word Bank

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