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Foreign Language

United Nations

Educational Technology Clearinghouse  Provides resources for foreign language (both Spanish and French)

Collins Dictionary (French to English)

The Languages Resources  Provides resources and games for both Spanish and French

Bonjour de France: Online interactive magazine for all levels of French learners to help practice the language through interactive exercises.

Language Guide: Large collection of French resources for all levels, including a comprehensive grammar guide, interactive readings, and interactive pictures.

The Paris Pages: French students can learn about the city, its people, and its culture in both the English and French version of the site.

Zut: Collection of interactive activities for French teachers and students to utilize and learn reading, writing, and listening skills.

Spanish Language Audio: MP3 files that can be played and repeated to help students learn common Spanish words and phrases.

Learning Spanish Grammar: Learn the various parts of Spanish grammar with this website that is completely in Spanish.

Spanish Language Exercises: Web page dedicated to teaching Spanish through interactive exercises and interesting material.

Language and Culture: Students can learn about the Spanish culture while conquering a large collection of educational activities.

Language Guide.org

Spanish Dictionary

Language Learning Library – Spanish

Destinos: Video Lessons in Spanish

Verbix – conjugate Spanish verbs

Spanish to English Picture Dictionary

English to Spanish Picture Dictionary

Study Spanish

Spanish — Learn It Online

I Love Languages – Spanish

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