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Medline Plus Encyclopedia

Medline Plus

Other Sources

Ms. Davis’ Science Resources

Ms. Davis’ Health Resources

Animal Experimentation


Humane Society International


Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine

Planet Science

Cloning (human and animal)

National Human Genome Research (National Institute of Health)

Genetic Science Learning Center

American Medical Association (Human Cloning)

Live Science (human cloning)

Science Daily (human cloning)

How Stuff Works (cloning)

Food and Drug Administration (animal cloning)

Genetic Engineering and Screening


Genetic Screening:  The scientific procedure of examining genetic makeup to determine if an individual possesses genetic traits that indicate a tendency toward acquiring or carrying certain diseases or conditions. In2001, scientists first published the complete human genome map (a human’s genetic blueprint), greatly advancing the capability and use of genetic screening, manipulation, and replication.

Genetic Engineering:  The human manipulation of the genetic material of a cell. Genetic engineering involves isolating individual DNA fragments, coupling them with other genetic materials, and causing the genes to replicate themselves.

Genetic Screening/Testing

National Human Genome Research  (FAQ – Genetic testing)

Mayo Clinic (definition of genetic testing)

Medline Plus (from the National Library of Medicine)

Kids Health

WebMD (Genetic screening for pregnant women over 35)

Genetic Engineering

Center for Health Ethics – University of Missouri       Gene therapy and engineering

World Watch Institute

Human Genome Research Institute (Genetic enhancement)


NPR (National Public Radio)

Embryonic Stem Cells

National Institute of Health

Medical News Today

Mayo Clinic

International Society for Stem Cell Research

American Medical Association

Cord Blood Registry

Brain Pop


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