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The following resources are highly recommended for use during your group’s research process. You are not limited to these suggestions, but may find them the most helpful and/or useful to your group when completing the project.


The American Association for Cancer Research

The American Cancer Society 

The American Cancer Society of Clinical Oncology

The American Childhood Cancer Organization 

The American Institute for Cancer Research  


Children’s Cancer Research Fund 

National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials

Foundation for Women’s Cancer

Kids Health Organization  

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  

Medline Plus Encyclopedia

The National Cancer Institute  

The National Marrow Donor Program  

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Cancer Resource Page   

The Ohio State University: The James Cancer Hospital  


Note:  This is the most widely utilized search engine for the science community.  These articles are going to have much more scientific language than other websites, but you may find them to be more informational and interesting.  It may be beneficial for you to focus specifically on review articles when using PubMed. Many of the articles that you find may require special access; if there is anything that your group finds that you would like to use, but can’t access on your own, please let Ms. Williams/Ms. Davis know – we can help!!

Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program (SEER)  

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital  

U.S. National Library of Medicine (Medline Plus)


The American Association for Cancer Research


Cancer-­Specific Websites  

The following websites are helpful when researching your assigned/specific type of cancer.

BC Cancer Agency: Bladder Cancer  

Breast Cancer  

Ering’s Sarcoma Research Trust

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research 

Johns Hopkins Medicine: Colorectal Cancer

Kidney Cancer Association

Lung Cancer (Cancer Care) 

Lymphoma Research Foundation

Melanoma Research Foundation

Neuroblastoma (Children’s) Cancer Foundation

Ocular Oncology: Retinoblastoma

Prostate Cancer Institute

The Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society

Sarcoma Foundation of America

Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association

Thyroid, Head, and Neck Cancer Foundation

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