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Fahrenheit 451 Allusions Poster


In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury alludes (makes allusions to) many different writers and thinkers. In describing the travelers on pages 151-153, he specifically mentions a variety of writers whose works are memorized by the travelers. Because advanced readers understand that authors choose allusions for specific purposes, as a class we will study several of these writers. We could not possibly go through this entire list and research each one, so you will break into groups and research a writer of your choice.

Your poster will have…

  1. A biography that includes:

  • The writer’s date of birth and death

  • Where the writer primarily lived

  • A list of the writer’s major writings and/or accomplishments

  • An image of the writer

  1. At least two significant quotes from the author – make sure your quotes are really from your person…investigate the origins of your chosen quotes! When in question, I will use Quote Investigator to check them out.

  1. Most importantly, an explanation of why the author would be included in novel. You will answer the question: Why did Ray Bradbury choose to allude to this author in Fahrenheit 451?

  1. MLA citations of research (at least three information sources) & images

Each of these elements should be incorporated into your poster in an interesting way. The poster should be visually interesting and reflective of the writer you chose and the reason Bradbury included him.

Of course, you may very well have to share your poster with the class after the project is finished. Have fun!

LIST of People and Resources
                                     Gandhi                                       Thomas Jefferson
   Use these databases found in INFOhio 
  • Biography Reference Bank
  • The World Book Advanced 

Please choose one person from the list below. Each group will choose a different person. These people are all mentioned in the section near the end of the book where Montag meets the men by the river. (numbers refer to the page numbers in Fahrenheit 451 in which these names are mentioned):

José Ortega y Gasset (143) – Spanish philosopher

Marcus Aurelius (144) – Roman emperor and philosopher

Jonathon Swift (144) – Writer; political pamphleteer

Arthur Schopenhauer (145) – German philosopher

Albert Einstein (145) – German-born physicist

Albert Schweitzer (145) - Theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician

Aristophanes (145) – Ancient Greek dramatist

Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi (145) - major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement

Confucius (145) – Chinese philosopher and teacher

Thomas Love Peacock (145) – English author

Thomas Jefferson (145) - Third President of the United States; founding father

Abraham Lincoln (145) - Sixteenth President of the United States

Lord Byron (145) – English poet

Thomas Paine (145) - English pamphleteer; revolutionary

Machiavelli (145) - Italian diplomat; political philosopher; musician, poet, and playwright

Henry David Thoreau (146) - American author; naturalist; philosopher

Bertrand Russell (146) - British philosopher; writer; historian; logician, mathematician

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