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Resolution Adopting a Calamity Day Alternative Makeup Plan

The Board of Education (“Board”) of the London City School District met in Regular Session on Tuesday, March 13th, at 6:30 p.m. at London High School and adopted the following resolution. 

WHEREAS, London City School District Board of Education desires that students have learning opportunities even when schools are closed for any of the reasons specified in section 3313.482 of the Ohio Revised Code; and

WHEREAS, section 3313.482 provides the Board the authority to adopt a plan to make up hours in that school year when it is necessary to close school; and

WHEREAS, this plan must be adopted by August 1 of each year and detail the methods in which to provide learning opportunities for students in lieu of attendance on such days of closure; and

WHEREAS, the London City School District recognizes the importance and seeks to strengthen the district’s online and blended learning program; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the London City School District Board of Education hereby approves the following plan alternative make-up plan for the 2018-2019 school year.

Plan for Alternative Makeup of Calamity Days

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 3313.482, the Board of Education of the London City School District hereby authorizes the following plan to allow students of the district to access and complete classroom lessons in order to fulfill up to a maximum of the number of hours that are the equivalent of three schools days because of the closing of schools for any of the reasons specified in section 3313.482.

  1. This plan includes the written consent of the teachers' employee representative as designated under division (B) of section 4117.04. Such consent is on file in the official file of the Board and is hereby incorporated into this plan as if specifically rewritten;
  2. Not later than November 1 of the school year, each classroom teacher shall develop a sufficient number of lessons for each course taught by that teacher with such lessons requiring, in the judgment of the teacher, an amount of time equal to or greater than the number of hours that are the equivalent of three school days in such teacher’s class;
  3. The district will support teachers in development of such lessons by dedicating a portion of professional development time to the creation of lessons;
  4. The teacher shall designate the order in which the lessons are to be posted on the district’s web portal or web site;
  5. Teachers will update or replace such lessons as necessary throughout the school year to ensure the lessons match the instructional progress of students;
  6. As soon as practicable and consistent with the district’s academic calendar, after an announced school closure authorized under section 3313.482, the appropriate administrator may direct staff to make the designated lessons available on the district’s portal or site. Each lesson shall be posted for each course that was scheduled to meet on the day of the school closing;
  7. Each student enrolled in a course for which a lesson is posted shall be granted a two-week period from the date of posting to complete the lesson. If the student does not complete the lesson within this time period, the student will receive an incomplete or failing grade unless a reason sufficient to the teacher is provided;
  8. During the two-week time period in which make up assignments to be completed, the district will support students with limited access to online assignments by providing times in which students can access technology at school after hours;
  9. By request of the student, teachers shall provide paper copies in conjunction with the lessons to be posted online and update the paper copies whenever the teacher updates the online lesson plans;
  10. While the intention of this alternative make-up day plan is to strength the district’s online and blended learning programs, the district recognizes that online assignments may not be practical for students in younger grade levels;
  11. With the approval of the Principal, teachers in younger grades may send home “paper” assignments for students to replace work missed during a calamity day. Copies of such assignments shall still be posted to the district’s online web portal for increased parent access.
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