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Before your student(s) receives a Chromebook, you and your student will need to review district board policies: 7540.01A7540.03 (A), 7540.03 (B) and 7540 on acceptable use, district 1:1 lending agreement, and the student handbook section on student behavior and student code of conduct.  Each student is allowed two screen breaks before the student's parent/guardian is charged a $50 replacement fee; If the fee is not paid, you will be held accountable for the total cost of loss or damage to your students Chromebook. Also, if your student is entirely neglectful (i.e., throws the Chromebook, loses the Chromebook, or continues to have repeated Chromebooks damage), the parent/guardian will be responsible for the full replacement of the Chromebook.  

Students are expected to treat the Chromebook as a valuable piece of equipment.  It is the student’s responsibility to care for their Chromebook and ensure that it is transported and kept in safe environments. In the case of damage or loss the students will need to inform the school immediately, upon the time they will receive a loaner or replacement device; A morning announcement is made daily for providing the student with an opportunity to address such issues.  

Students must carry their Chromebook in the provided carrying case at all times, to and from school and in between classes.  It is crucial that they do not carry their devices in their backpacks.  Also, students are expected to come to school with their Chromebook every day and that the Chromebook is fully charged; We do not provide loaners to students who forget.  

All students must abide by the district's Acceptable Use Policy at all times, inside and outside of the school day (board policies 7540.01A, 7540.03 F1, and 7540.04 F1). All students must act as positive and respectful Digital Citizen who takes pride in representing London Middle School.

For your student's safety, our district filter will also work in your home as a safeguard against most inappropriate web content. 


Personal Use of District Technology - 7540.01A
Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety - 7540.03 (A)
Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety - 7540.03 (B)
Computer Technology and Networks - 7540  
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