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Charity Watch --   America's most independent, assertive charity watchdog.   We dive deep to let you know how efficiently a charity will use your donation to fund the programs you want to support. CharityWatch exposes nonprofit abuses and advocates for your interests as a donor.
Charity Questions
Directions:  Answer the 13 questions provided to complete your project.

  1. What is the exact name of the charity?
  2. How does the charity use your contribution?
  3. What is the organization’s mission?
  4. What outcomes has this charity seen through its work?
  5. Is your contribution tax deductible?
  6. How accountable is the organization?
  7. Has federal, state, and/or local authorities registered the organization?
  8. How much money is taken in?
  9. Are there testimonials from people/organizations who have received money from the charity? 
  10. If so, give two examples. If no, find out why they do not have people/organizations listed that have received money from them.
  11. Is it LLS funded?
  12. Give a brief history behind the creation of the charity.
  13. Are there any famous people who donate/fund this charity? 
This is an example of three charities and Charity Watch citations.
                         Mother Teresa                                                                                  Princess Diana
London City Schools
District Office Address:
380 Elm St., 2nd Floor
London, Ohio 43140
District Office:
District Fax:
(740) 852-5700
(740) 845-3282
Elementary: (740) 845-3272
Middle School: (740) 852-5701
High School: (740) 852-5705
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