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Biomes’ Resources
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Click on 9-12 resources. Then choose Science Online or Science Reference Center

This is a credible database of everything and anything science.  You will be able to find information on all biomes and cycles.  These databases include definitions, essays, biographies, videos, animations, diagrams, etc.

University of California Museum of Paleontology

World Biomes

Marietta College Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences

NASA Earth Observatory

University of Arizona –  Geosciences

California State University

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The Wild Classroom

Missouri Botanical Garden

Blue Planet Biomes

Polar Ice Caps

Water/Nitrogen Cycle

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  —  Oceans

Mangrove Swamps –  EPA

National Science Digital Library

Print Resources

333.95                TWI                         Seas and Oceans / by Clint Twist

551.4                  CUM                        Mountains /by David Cuming

551.46                LIN                          Venturing the Deep Sea/ by Laurie Lindop

574.5                  AND                        Food Chains:  the Unending Cycle / by Margaret Anderson

574.5                  BON                        Polar Regions / by William Nigel Bonner

574.5                  BRI                          The Dying Sea / by Michael Bright

574.5                  CUM                       Coasts / by David Cumming

574.5                  CUM                       Rivers and Lakes / by David Cumming

574.5                  GAN                        Forest / by Anita Ganeri

574.5                  MAT                        The Living Ocean / by Robert A. Mattson

574.5                  MCC                        Vanishing Wetlands / by Anita Louise McCormick

574.5                  MCL                        Oceans and Seas / by Ewan McLeish

574.5                  MCL                        Wetlands / by Ewan McLeish

574.5                  PRI                          Ecology

574.5                  SAY                         Tundra

574.5                  SCO                         The Young Oxford Book of Ecology / by Michael Scott

574.5                  TER                         Diversity and the Tropical Rain Forest / by John Terbargh

574.5                  TWI                         Deserts / by Clint Twist

574.5                  WAR                       Rainforests / by Lois Warburton

574.5                  WAT                       Deserts / by Julia Waterlow

574.5                  WAT                       Grasslands / by Julia Waterlow

574.5                  WAT                       Islands / by Julia Waterlow

574.92                HIL                         Marine Biology / by Amy Hill

577                      LIN                          Ecology

577.16                SIL                           Food Chains / by Alvin and Virginia Silverstein

577.63                JOS                         Lakes, Ponds, and Temporary Pools / by David Josephs

577.63               SAY                          Lake and Pond / by April Pulley Sayre

577.68               SAY                          Wetland / by April Pulley Sayre

577.7                 DUT                         Coral Reefs / by Lesley A. DuTemple

577.7                 END                         Endangered Oceans: opposing viewpoints / by William Dudley

581.5                 MCC                         The Life of the Forest / by Jack McCormick

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